The General Video Game AI Competition - 2017

Important Notice: The GVGAI Website will be taken down for maintainance on the 18 Dec 2018.
We expect to be back up and running before the end of January 2018. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Get the latest version of the code here.
Looking for papers about GVGAI? Try here.
If you are interested in studying for a PhD in the Game AI area, the deadline for submissions to IGGI is 31 Jan 2018.
Check our Special Session on CIG at WCCI 2018 (deadline 15 Jan) here.
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Welcome to the General Video Game AI Competition webpage. The GVG-AI Competition explores the problem of creating controllers for general video game playing. How would you create a single agent that is able to play any game it is given? Could you program an agent that is able to play a wide variety of games, without knowing which games are to be played? Can you create an automatic level generation that designs levels for any game is given?

In this website, you will be able to participate in the General Video Game AI Competition. You can now download the starter kit for the competition and submit your controller to be included in the rankings. For any question contact us.

Join our Google Group here for the latest updates. If you are interested in studying for a PhD in this area, you can have a look at our Centre for Doctoral Training. Also, consider joining our MSc in Computer Games.

Getting Started


Create a Controller for GVGAI

  1. Get the java-vgdl framework code and documentation.
  2. Create a controller following the instructions.
  3. Have a look at our Sample Controllers for inspiration.
  4. Check framework documentation and competition rules.

Submit it and Get in the Rankings

  1. Sign up in this website to participate, play and submit.
  2. Submit (or update) your controller for evaluation.
  3. Your controller will be introduced in the rankings.
  4. Join our Google group for updates and discussions.

Useful links

Quick Start:

The GVG-AI Framework:

The GVG-AI Competition:


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