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Training Set 2-Player Games 5 (Validation Set CEC 2017)

These are the 10 2-player games from the training set 5. This set was used in the 2017 competition as the validation set for CEC. Check out this reproduction list for videos of these games.

Training Set 2-Player Games 5 (Validation Set CEC 2017)
Aliens In this cooperative game, each player controls a ship at the bottom of the screen shooting aliens that come from space. You better kill them all before they reach you! If one player dies, both players lose.
Circuit You have to flip the pipes so they connect in order for the ball to be able to make its way from the start point to the end, before the enemy's does!
Escape2p The objective is to leave the level through the exit door, pushing away boxes that are in the way. The boxes can be destroyed by pushing them into holes, but those holes also kill the player if the avatar falls into them. Boxes can't be pushed if more than 1 are stacked against each other, so they can be used to block the other player's path.
Hunger Games The final showdown in the Hunger Games. Only 2 left alive, their health slowly decreasing from hunger. They must find berries or kill forest animals to survive. Arrows may be found in the levels, which give the players ranged shots for a limited time. Wolves spawn regularly from the center and attack the players. The players may choose to fight or simply survive - the last one standing is the winner.
Portals One player is the turret trying to kill the human. The other player is able to spawn 2 types of portals that would teleport them from one to the other. The human must make their way to the cake to win.
Rock Paper Scissors Iterated rock paper scissors (lizard spock). The typical rules of the classic game apply. Each player has a projectile next to them and each action available changes the type of projectile being shot at the enemy. The winning projectile goes through and earns points for the respective player. The player with the most points wins.
Spotted The players must make their way to the exit, while collecting treasure and avoiding the Line of Sight NPCs - they move randomly until they spot an avatar in either the same line or same column as them, then they would chase the avatar until they lose track of them.
Tower Defense In this cooperative game, waves of enemies make their way following a predefined path to the castle, with a boss (more health points) spawning occasionally - if the boss makes it to the castle, the game is lost; if normal enemies make it to the castle, they decrease its health points. One player is able to spawn horizontal turrets, the other spawns vertical turrets. They must coordinate so as to place them in the correct places to destroy the enemies.
Trains The players are trains constantly moving on their own tracks which intersect at certain points. There are speed ups on the tracks which increase the speed of the avatars. If they reach a corner moving too fast, the train explodes and the player loses the game. Each player is able to use the action key to slow down. There are also timed solar bombs on the tracks - if the trains move too slow over them, interrupting the sun exposure, the bombs explode and the player loses. If the trains meet they both explode and lose. The last one left alive is the winner.
Up Chess A chess piece stacking game. Pawns may be stacked on top of each other up to a maximum of 3 times. When pushed on top of enemy pawns, the bigger stack wins, although losing the number of pawns in the other stack. The goal is to capture the enemy queen (minimum rank 2 pawn stack required).

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